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*Broadsheet’s Tracy Clark-Flory reports on an X-ray manufacturer’s foray into the pin-up market. Clark-Flory’s take: “damn, these skele-girls got femurs for daaays. As the Weekly Vice suggests, I guess the message here is that beauty isn’t skin deep, after all. Or something.” I think the real message here is that even Skeletors can look “sexy” if we splay them out in a suitably compliant pose and strap the right shoes on their feet.

* At Feministe, s.e. smith declares open season on bikini season.

* Bitch Magazine‘s Kjerston Johnson aggressively campaigns for the Twilight series to show Bella‘s vampire-baby birth on-screen, in which “Edward has to deliver the baby Cesarean-style . . . with his teeth.” In response to Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg‘s claim that “you can do childbirth without seeing childbirth . . . it doesn’t mean it’s any less evocative of an experience,” Johnson replies: “Um, he rips their baby out of her stomach with his mouth! I would like to see what kind of mise-en-scène director Bill Condon conjures up to ensure it’s no ‘less evocative’ without this unnatural natural birth.”

* Why is the National Organization for Marriage (NOM NOM NOM) bankrolling a local ANC commissioner to the tune of $60,900? [Via Metro Weekly].

* Vote in Freedom to Marry‘s blogger scholarship contest; our local pick is The New Gay editor Zack Rosen. (Read his submission here).