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This week, Sexist commenters dared to answer the greatest philosophical question of our time: Are Ayn Rand devotees morally and intellectually superior beings, or are they actually just people who spend their time whining in the comments sections of feminist blogs when they could be daring to stamp the world with their boldly phallic architectural designs? Let’s answer that question with the help of one Randian who has deigned to grace us with his presence.

In a comment thread largely dedicated to the brilliance of the 2005 Sci Fi Pictures original Mansquito, commenter Michael Hardesty writes:

All of the anti-Ayn Rand comments are moronic. MORONIC. I’m dubious that a movie can do justice to the greatest novel in world literature. It should be a miniseries or a one year tv series. Just read her works and ignore the statist-collectivist retards who denigrate her. They are zeroes and Rand will live forever while all of her critics are forgotten. Check out the new book, The Vision Of Ayn Rand.

Laurel puts her inferior education on display:

My education in literature ended with PhD coursework, meaning I didn’t finish the degree; so I haven’t read everything. However, it’s odd that I was never required to read the greatest novel in world literature. Must be a plot by liberal academe to divert my attention from the one important author by making me waste my time on a bunch of hacks like Shakespeare, Cervantes, Twain and Aristophanes.

Nope, it’s because her writing is terrible–and I’d say that even if I embraced her “philosophy.

Michael Hardesty is an expert on clarity:

Laurel, Rand is the clearest, greatest writer ever. Twain was a HACK as Vidal noted years ago. Shakespeare was a great writer but had a terrible malevolent metaphysics. Aristophanes and Cervantes are ok but can’t touch Rand. Yes, your tiny little mind went through the great liberal-socialist-communist brainwashing machine during your typical college miseducation. Why are there SO many stupid feemales on this thread ?

kza speaks up for feemales:

These comments need more super smart maales who know how to write paragraphs

Michael Hardesty is sensitive about the length of his paragraph:

Oh, get off it ! What I wrote is perfectly clear and the length of any given paragraph is purely arbitrary.

Photo via stuartwjones, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0