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* Some Thomas Circle neighbors are unnerved by sex workers walking near their Pilates studio. Why I never!

* Metro Weekly interviews the guys behind FUK!T, the safe-sex initiative behind the safe sex gay porn spoofs. FUK!T’s Terry Gerace on daring to sexualize sex: “There are a lot of places where it’s inappropriate to use sex to sell things, but when you’re trying to sell something that you use during sex it’s actually appropriate to sexualize it and not make it clinical or a fear-based campaign.”

* Via GLAA Forum, a woman has sued D.C.’s Covenant Baptist Church for performing a civil commitment ceremony in 2007, which she attended and found “totally disgusting.” She wants her donations to the church back.

* Via Jezebel, why it’s OK to shamelessly objectify the men of the World Cup. All right, but is it OK to shamelessly objectify them immediately after the United States suffers a crushing loss to Ghana, everyone in the Black Squirrel is drunk and depressed, the the players begin dutifully removing their shirts, in a sad way? Because my brain was saying “woo!,” but my heart was saying “too soon.”

* Tonight, Bears Do Yoga moves to the Green Lantern!

Photo via Nationaal Archief