By oh boy, so many wonderful comments this week, however is a girl to choose?

There’s this one, submitted intimately via e-mail: “Does your Mother know you’re writing for the dumbass shitty paper?” (Hi, mom!). And then there’s this vital piece of comments-section copy-editing: “it’s Rick Mangus not Rick Magnus!” And who could forget “Laura, Don’t lecture me about what you THINK you know about video games”?

But I’m feeling a bit saucy this morning, so I have instead chosen that rare comment that manages to utilizes traditional capitalization to actually help further the conversation of this blog! Ladies and gentlemen, Thomas MacAulay Millar on Al Gore’s accuser keeping the pants:

Every story gets attacked. A narrative that is bizarre and has unexpected elements gets attacked as too weird to be true, but if it’s straight from a made-for-TV-movie it’s “too perfect” and must be made up. If she freaks out and destroys evidence by showering or throwing out clothes, it must be untrue; if she keeps her wits and preserves evidence she’s a schemer and must be making it up. If she’s drunk or high she must not remember or asked for it or deserved it anyway; if not they why was she in the room with him and why didn’t she try to get away sooner or more effectively?

There is no right story. The apologists come out of the woodwork to attack any story. If they even attack Samantha Geimer, thirteen, coerced to take depressants and still said no, then there is no woman who can tell a story and just plain be believed. Not even Mother Theresa. Not even dead.