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At Tiger Beatdown, B. Michael points out one abusive tactic revealed in the leaked Mel Gibson tapes:

Mel Gibson was condemned for (allegedly) threatening to burn down his house and force his ex, Oksana Grigorieva, to blow him (presumably after he saved her from being raped by a group he describes with his usual Gibsonian eloquence).

Gibson allegedly said this: “I am going to come and burn the f—king house down . . . but you will blow me first.” He added that Grigorieva looks like a “fucking pig in heat” whose clothes will get her “raped by a pack of [racial slur too horrible to repeat].”

This is how the threat of an uncommon form of sexual assault—-stranger gang rape—-is used to facilitate the more common form of abuse—-acquaintance rape. So next time you start to warn someone in your life against wearing “suggestive” clothing outside the house? Keep in mind that this is a tactic rapists use, and that you are actually statistically more likely than any of the lurking strangers out there to commit this offense.