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* A note from one pornography enthusiastconcerned that Susannah Breslin failed to include him in her Letters From Men Who Watch Pornography project:

Why the fuck didn’t you publish my letter on the letters from watchers project?

Bitch ur really starting to piss me off.

This is why I hate cunts.

And you publish a letter, or you may have even written it yourself, by some guy who likes to see the women in porn enjoying themselves, over my wonderful letter about hate fucking, and this really does seem designed to be inflammatory against me.

I think you’re trying to piss me off.

* KJ DellAntonia on whether parents should have to feel guilty for moving when they’ve “spawned introverts and other ‘neurotic’ types.” Well that all depends. Are you moving to the state of racial profiling and TASERS, or away from it?

* Beef Jack compares and contrasts the fattest avatars available in APB for men and women. Hint: One of them isn’t as fat!

* The Washington Blade asks, where will the queer community be 40 years from now? My guess: Colonizing the Moon in an attempt to escape the evil robot overlords that threaten to extinguish all of humanity. Erwin de Leon has a more optimistic take:

By mid-century, Americans and citizens of other developed nations will be scratching their heads wondering what the big deal was about granting a minority group the same rights, privileges and standing as anyone else. We will be in the military and our families will be recognized. We will not be anxious about getting fired because we happen to be queer. We will not fear getting raped, beaten or killed because of how we look, speak or act. We will be full citizens.

* Bitches Get Stuff Done rates terms for female sexual frustration: It’s “pink balls” vs. “blue boxed.”

Photo via State Library and Archives of Florida