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Last week, pornographer John “Buttman” Stagliano was tried on obscenity charges in D.C.—-but the government fucked up its case so bad that the trial was dismissed before 14 Washingtonian jurors got the chance to weigh in on Stagliano’s work. Sexist readers, for one, aren’t too fond of the government prosecuting their milk enemas and squirting:

Barbara Booey sees art in the enema:

The very fact that Stagliano was put on trial is a miscarriage of justice. John Stagliano is the Kurosawa of dairy-product enema cinema.

Bart wonders if the government cares about his girlfriend’s “actual dick with veins”:

I’m young and ignorant of the law. I thought porn was legal in DC. I buy DVDs, I order in on Comcast. My girlfriend has a vibrator, and not a medical looking one but an actual dick with veins. What is he exactly on trial for and why are they wasting time when thugs, dealers, spies, BP execs, Republicans etc are running lose in this city?

Legba Carrefour on the government’s insistence on releasing a porn performer witness’ real name:

Fucking bizarre. Simultaneous to this, the federal government (through the Department of Health and Human Services) is investigating the leaking of personal records of two actresses who were STI tested by the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (AIM). The testing results are made available to producers, one of whom decided to leak the information to an industry blog. One of the major points of contention was the leaking of the actresses’ real names and social security numbers and addresses and medical records.

So the federal government is opening a criminal investigation into one outing of sex workers but actively pursuing the outing of sex workers in another case.

Aaron is impressed by the government’s incompetence:

I’d be a lot more worried about modern obscenity trials if it didn’t so often turn out that the prosecution is utterly hapless. It seems kind of like how if you criticize somebody’s spelling or grammar on the Internet, you’ll invariably screw up your own? Like if you try to prosecute for obscenity, you’ll invariably trip over your own ass in front of the judge, or something like that.

Rover shares:

On the Internet, no one knows you’re a dog with an enema fetish.

brian is looking for more variety in his enema porn:

i think they are missing an opportunity here, theres a whole drink market to consider…O.J., purple stuff, sunny D….maybe even diet cola and mentos.

Obscenity obscmenity. I probably spelled that wrong.

Typical DC BS asks where babies come from:

I hope the jury takes about 5 minutes to find this guy non guilty. Hard to believe an FBI agent was given the go-ahead to initiate and perform this investigation.

Maybe the FBI will also discover that sex is required to create babies and that the stork doesn’t really deliver them.

Photo via psd, Creative Commons Attribution License 2.0