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The Daily Caller’s Caroline May writes on the trend of conservative women re-branding themselves as feminists:

“Moving up to the primary endorsement process, we intentionally started a conversation about women’s rights and what is at the center of it, what shouldn’t be at the center,” [Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser] told The Daily Caller. “The women’s movement in its current form has abortion at the core and that is why we have started a dialogue about what true feminism is. It is not because I have ever labeled myself a feminist, but we really felt we needed to take them on on their own ground.”

Ah, so Dannenfelser is a feminist in the same way that I’m pro-life. It’s just that the current pro-life movement is focused on ending abortion rights, whereas I’m more interested in making abortion legal and accessible to all women. Because there’s no reason that people who are actually against abortion rights should be the only people who are allowed to say that they’re against abortion rights.