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* Alyssa Rosenberg articulates my annoyance with the glamorization of “housewife”:

This is a show [Real Housewives] where the term that distinguishes the franchise, “housewife,” is pretty much stripped of all meaning. You don’t have to be married to be a Real Housewife. You don’t even have to be dating anyone particularly seriously. And you’re almost certainly not simply a stay-at-home wife or mom if you’ve been found interesting enough to be on the show. You’re running a business, or a charity, or at the very least, stirring up a hell of a lot of trouble semi-professionally. Being an American wife doesn’t mean anything in particular these days. That definitional void might be scary, but it’s also an opportunity to fill it up with something valuable and interesting and varied.

Interesting. I’ve always seen the show’s title as a shallow attempt to redefine successful women solely by their roles as wives and mothers. But perhaps it works the other way, too—-housewives can have it all. Even jobs!

* Via the Washington Blade: D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier has launched an investigation into a satirical flier circulated around the force announcing “D.C.’s First Deaf Mute Gay Marriage.”

* Not only will watching porn cause you to get raped, it may also kill you!

* Graph! Canada loves gay marriage. And “Kisses to the 3.5 percent of gay-affirming Jamaicans,” Rick Rosendall writes at GLAA Forum.

* NOM tour hits Maryland, attempts to prevent all video evidence of the event:


Photo via The U.S. National Archives