Welcome to Housing Complex, the WashingtonCity Paper’s blog about local neighborhoods, development and real estate news. Here, you can anonymously vent your frustrations about sleazy real estate agents, debate home prices, and hate on useless building “amenities” that you must pay for, but don’t want.

While brainstorming ideas for Housing Complex, I wandered over to the Borders at the corner of 18th and L Streets downtown. I was looking for inspiration from magazines with interesting features and tips telling the average Joe homebuyer how to be savvy.What I found was local publications reporting D.C. power players’ recent home purchases, and Elle Home Décor, Metropolitan Home, Dwell, and Architectural Digest, directing me to excessively expensive mid-century coffee tables I should want to want.

Poor Joe. There was nothing for him. If all goes according to plan, I hope to focus on issues concerning middle-income buyers, sellers and residents in the District and beyond. I may still occasionally write about the richest of the rich, and the poorest of the poor. But, there will be no regular VH1-style exaltations documenting “The Fabulous Life of West End Retirees,” and my days hanging out with the homeless population at the Martin Luther King library downtown are probably over.

Please kick back and make yourself at…you know.