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  • The Wilson Quarterly examines an important but all but forgotten concern: “Why Can’t We Build an Affordable House?” “The term ‘affordable housing’ has come to be associated with social programs and government subsidies, but it once meant commercially built houses that ordinary working people could afford.” (Oh, by the way, the answer to that question is land costs.)
  • Think owning an overvalued house is stressful? Try propping up your entire income on it. The Washington Business Journal writes about small business owners, who frequently leverage their business loans with a second home mortgage.
  • The New York Times looks at how the government is going to value some of the mortgage assets it will buy with $700,000,000.
  • On a lighter note, the Timesalso continues its simple property values series “What you get for…” (This week:$2 million; or check out last week’s slideshow of homes valued at $500,000.)