The Washington Business Journal has a series of articles out today about the state of the local market and various construction projects in the area. How many cavernous holes are we going to be looking at in the next few years? Hard to know, considering that developers won’t reveal their financing plans. “Of course, that probably wouldn’t be the case if they had deals lined up,” as reporter Melissa Castro writes. Among the projects in limbo are a new building at the corner of K and Connecticut Ave. by Farragut Square (as seen against an ominous sky at the top of this post), and a building that’s part of Southwest’s Half Street mixed-use development by the ballpark. Castro writes:

“At least 15 office buildings in D.C.’s prime corridors are under construction or renovation without a single tenant booked, according to Cushman & Wakefield’s second-quarter Development Pipeline report. At least eight buildings under construction have less than half their space leased.”