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So, Metro Weekly‘s latest issue has a cover story entitled Where We Live, on three communities with, uh, some gay people. I wanted to insert “vibrant gay communities,” or “sizable gay populations” toward the end of that sentence. But, that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. The article merely touches on the areas’ growing gay identities, which, I think, makes it all the more interesting. The story doesn’t make any obvious announcements, like “Hey, check out Logan Circle! Gay people on every block!” Instead the piece embraces wishful thinking and poses the possibility of change.

So, here goes: the three places Metro Weekly highlights are the City of Falls Church, Mount Vernon Square, and Forest Glen.

About Falls Church, one source is quoted as saying “In my neighborhood, I know other gay people…I haven’t seen stickers or flags displayed, but I know there’s a gay population in the City of Falls Church. People aren’t very vocal, they don’t display it. You’re in a community where things are very cookie-cutter at times, but gay people would feel comfortable here.”

In the section about Forest Glen, sources say “Forest Glen seems to be getting gayer all the time. ‘Of the four houses in our little corner, three are GLBT. In a one block radius, there are four other households. Because these are relatively small homes, most of our neighbors are young couples. There’s a young, progressive feel to the neighborhood.”