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A scene from your local stayawayborhood, perhaps?

A few days ago, I wrote a blog post entitled “The New Gayborhoods?” The commentary was about a story I read in Metro Weekly highlighting three gay-friendly places in the D.C. area. Before I posted the headline, I decided to ask around about the word “gayborhood.” Totally innocuous and politically correct, right? Clearly, I decided it was fine. Actually, better than fine—-an inspiration! The world needs more riffs on the word “neighborhood.” Sexist blogger Amanda Hess agrees. In fact, in the last 24 hours, she has proven herself to be passionately committed to neighborhood puns. Let the riff-off begin:


A bad neighborhood: Stayawayborhood


A neighborhood with lots of kids: Playborhood


A neighborhood with many stucco homes: Clayborhood

A neighborhood with many dance clubs: Swayborhood

An artsy neighborhood: Paper-macheborhood

Oh baby, it’s on…


A neighborhood with lots of swingers: Strayborhood

A neighborhood that gets written about a lot: Clicheborhood

A neighborhood that’s a mess: Disarrayborhood


A very violent neighborhood: Slayborhood

A neighborhood with a lot of fat people: Buffetborhood

And, last but not least…

A neighborhood with lots of stables and horses: Naaaaay-borhood

Oh, oh, oh, Hess has one final follow-up: “Bombay-borhood—-for one with a high Indian population.”

Photo by Monkeyc.net