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They were/are both carpenters, apparently.

Over the weekend Oscar-nominated actor Terrence Howard came to D.C. to officiate Howard University’s Homecoming. He also stopped by NPR to discuss his recently released new album “Shine Through It” with interviewer Scott Simon.

What do you know? The topic of carpentry came up…

Simon: If I were to run into someone in Philadelphia who said to me ‘you’ll never believe it, but a guy who sure looks like that actor Terrence Howard came over here and finished a carpentry job,’ would they be out of their mind?

Howard: No. That’s what I do. I just finished a job two weeks ago in Phili. And I always say “yeah, he looks just like me.” I hear that everyday.

Simon: What kind of carpentry jobs do you do?

Howard: I like restoring older homes…a neighbor of mine came and saw me with some tools and she asked me if I would come and, you know, redo her bathroom for her. And I know how much it would have cost to redo her bathroom, like $5,000. I told her you know, you buy the material and we’ll work out the rest of it. I paid my brother to come over there and help, and we finished her bathroom.