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Madrigal Lofts is a Mount Vernon Square condo building. It offers something none of its competitors can: URBANCENTRICITY.

Yeah, that’s right: Urbancentricity. God knows, I loves me some urbancentricity. I’m Ms. Urbancentricity.

Fo sho.

Actually, I have no idea what it means. But, I’m seeking answers. I went onto urbandictionary.com, and I was told “centricity isn’t defined yet.” Yet! They know centricity exists, but someone hasn’t put it into words. Ah, so close!

I asked my colleagues for help. They responded:

  • I think it’s that special feeling that you get when you know that even during the worst housing bust of your lifetime, you still can’t afford to buy in the city.
  • I don’t know what it means. But, I hate it.
  • I think it’s a misspelling. It’s supposed to be “Ur-banque, entré cité”, which is french for, um, “top bank opening new branch in the city”. I imagine a Societe Generale branch office will be downstairs in the development.
  • Polished in manner and appearance, the men of the Urbancentricity movement aim to reclaim modern Dandyism from its unrightful inheritors, the Metrosexuals. When confronted with the over-waxed brows and feathered man bangs of the Metrosexual, the Urbancentrite may only adjust his ascot and assure himself, “A man does not choose Urbancentricity; Urbancentricity chooses the man.” Notable Urancentrite figures include the Prince of Wales and Chuck Bass; they are not to be confused with the likes of Zac Efron, Ryan Seacrest, or Barack Obama.
  • It’s the sharp electrical charge you feel when surrounded by empty, overpriced condos that will never retain their value.

It seems urbancentricity is elusive. But, you probably know it if you’ve seen it. So, if you’ve seen it, uh, let me know.