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This could be one of my favorite all-time ledes:

“It was just another business-as-usual day at the annual convention of the nation’s mortgage bankers: a few panels, a few presentations and an attempted abduction of Karl Rove.”

Glorious! Praise goes to Jesse McKinley, who wrote this line in an article for the New York Timesabout the annual mortgage bankers convention in San Francisco where a protester charged the stage while Rove was speaking and tried to arrest him for “treason.” The rest of the article is about the generally dour mood at the convention, and the yearning for the halcyon days of mortgage banker conventions gone by. Remembers one broker:

“We had streakers during the 1990s, but that was a joyful, happy thing,” said Mr. Lucas, who had been coming to such events for 20 years and recalled how a group of inebriated and naked bankers had once entertained the crowd. “But now everyone is blaming us for everything.”