The North Pole will never be the same again…

Michael Graham has been the Santa at Tyson’s Corner Center for 18 years. According to the Washington Times, he made $175 an hour. But, now, he won’t be making anything because the mall has chosen to work with a new photo operator, which will be bringing in its own Santa. Too bad Mr. Claus just purchased a new home. Here’s part of the Washington Post‘s story:

That leaves Graham, 51, without work this holiday season and with visions of foreclosure dancing in his head. Graham, who works as a carpenter in a small Tennessee town when he’s not minding the store at the North Pole, said he was counting on the $30,000 he would earn as Santa when he bought a new house last year.

Now it’s too late to book another mall, and he has already spent a good bit of money preparing for Christmas. It’s not elves who make each of the three $900 custom-tailored velvet suits he goes through each year, or the boots that go for $725 a pair.