When it comes to housing, there seems to be no shortage of numbers and statistics. Here’s a dose from a recent press release issued by the Census Bureau on, well, homes for trick-or-treating.

110.3 million
Number of occupied housing units across the nation in 2007—-all potential stops for trick-or-treaters.

Percentage of households with residents who consider their neighborhood safe. In addition, 78 percent said there was no place within a mile of their homes where they would be afraid to walk alone at night.

36 million
The estimated number of potential trick-or-treaters in 2007—- children 5 to 13—-across the United States. This number is down about 38,000 from a year earlier. Of course, many other children—-older than 13, and younger than 5—-also go trick-or-treating.

Photo by Jim Murphy.