File this story under “things you sort of know already, but could learn about more.”

The Washington Post’s real estate section this weekend included a story looking at the housing market in random zip codes across the region. Guess what? Woodbridge—-that exurban community located in Prince William county, which is famous for its foreclosures—-isn’t doing so well. Yup. All true.

So, what new information can we glean from this little selection of squiggly lines and numbers? If you want to buy real estate in 20016 (Spring Valley and Tenleytown), do not dilly dally. The area is trending up, with home prices rising. And homes were moving significantly faster last month than they were in September 2007 (though these things tend to fluctuate on a month to month basis).

“Although there have been month-to-month fluctuations in median prices, since January 2007, this Zip code has experienced less volatility than other areas, and prices have actually followed a slightly upward trend. “Good locations for affluent households remain in demand,” market researcher Dan Fulton said.

Besides that, there are no particular surprises. But, if you’re interested in what’s going on in 20774 (Upper Marlboro), 20009 (Adams Morgan), 22101 (McLean), 20147 (Ashburn), 22193 (Woodbridge), 20878 (Gaithersburg/N. Potomac), 20016 (Spring Valley/Tenleytown), 22046 (Falls Church), it’s a nice little roundup.