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Fundamental human truth: people like seeing things blow up. This is a unifying interest among individuals of various ages, sexes, and races. We’re all gleeful children when we’re watching big buildings implode into dark, billowing, gray clouds of dust. (Two pieces of evidence follow in this post; for more, just listen to the audio on these videos,or any others from the online community of implosion cheerleaders.)

I tell you this because I just received word that the official demolition of H.D. Woodson High School will occur on Oct. 30 at 3:45 p.m. For anyone looking forward to some exciting cement splintering, be warned: there will no explosion. The event’s a photo opportunity for the mayor. There will be a wrecking ball, possibly two.

Too bad. Well, if you’re needing a little implosion fix, here you go.

And, you know what? It’s strangely upsetting when the buildings don’t implode fully. See below.