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Barack Obama won! Yeah!!! Now, what do we stand—-as a city—-to gain from his victory?

After a long period of Republican leadership in the White House, Bill Clinton swept into D.C. in 1993, and a lot of people dumped a lot of money into the local economy. And if there’s one thing every powerful appointee needs, regardless of party affiliation, it’s a home that says, damn right I live here now, and I’m running this place.

Let the real estate spending begin. In October 1992, Time wrote about this very subject (and I’m wondering if they haven’t already assigned a journalist to essentially re-report the entire story). Here’s a nice little piece:

“I have pinned on my office wall an article from the Washington Post, which has some of the possible candidates for jobs in a Clinton Administration,” says Terri Robinson, one of many area brokers who have been contacted by potential Democratic home buyers. The town houses of Georgetown and Cleveland Park are getting a look-over, says Robinson, although many frugal Democrats may end up settling in the less pricey suburbs of Maryland and Virginia. One upscale piece of D.C. real estate that has already crossed party lines: the $2.2 million Tracy Place town house that was the scene of parties hosted by socialite Georgette Mosbacher, wife of former Commerce Secretary Robert Mosbacher, has been sold to Democratic hostess Esther Coopersmith.