Today, I’ll be operating on the premise that people will only be interested in blog posts that are Barack Obama-related. If you believe this thinking is fraught, please let me know in the comments. However, I feel fairly confident about this one. (Just following the lead of every other media outlet in America right now.)

So, anyway, I just got off the phone with Hillary Clinton‘s former real estate agent, who has sold to a number of big time dems in the past. And a post about our conversation will follow shortly. In the meanwhile, here’s some material to keep you occupied:

  • A Takoma, Washington-based company has launched a website to advertise new politically appointed jobs as of Nov. 4. According to the Washington Business Journal, the “new 2008 list won’t be released by the government and published on the job site until later this month.” The website is
  • Also, here’s a recent post I did about Obama advisers and staff already scoping out local real estate.