Today marks the third installment of the Inauguration Rental Chronicles, in which we witness the efforts behind one grouphouse’s push to rent their four-bedroom, “Central Northwest” townhouse during the week of Jan. 20, without informing their landlord. 

As of my last update, the group had not gotten a single nibble on their $11,000 rental. But, on the upside, their landlord had not discovered their plot and evicted the entire clan, hoping to cash in on his/her own.  

After 24 hours of waiting and hearing nothing, the group decided to lower their price to $10,000 (for six nights), and re-post their craigslist page. Lo and behold, they got a hit soon after:


I am interested in bringing a group of students from our College to the Inauguration. We would be coming in on Sat. Jan. 17th and leaving Wed., Jan. 21st at about 6am. Would that make the fee lower being that we are staying shorter then a week? How many people could we have in the rental and is this rental still available?If so, how far is this location from the Willard Intercontinental Hotel on Pennsylvania Ave.?

I look forward to hearing from you.

St. Joseph’s College
155 West Roe Boulevard
Patchogue, NY 11772

All good right? What could go wrong? Well, apparently the college group leader wants to bring 17 students to live in the four-bedroom home. Also, the grouphouse mates have begun to question each others’ commitments, and participation in the rental project. Out of the four residents, only two have ever checked the craigslist account, and worked on drafting and redrafting the advertisement. Now that a renter has come forward, one of these two people has volunteered to take photos of the property. But, she’s starting to feel like with all her efforts, her cut of the $10,000 should be bigger.