I heard before about real estate agents and salespeople passing out their business cards, fliers, and materials to transition team staffers. But I never talked to anyone that actually attempted the sales strategy. Well, apparently, it doesn’t work.

The offices, located at 451 6th Street N.W., are blocked off with cement barriers and 24/7 guards, according to Vini Kovach, property manager at The V apartments at City Vista, located in Mount Vernon Square at the intersection of L and 5th Streets.

Kovach called over to the headquarters’ housing department, and tried to go down to the building to pass out materials about her property, which had its opening bash last night and currently has two occupants (out of 244 units total). The sales people were not met with open arms.

“We were absolutely told “No, you can’t do that!!!” says Kovach.

Luckily, says Kovach, a few people on the Obama transition have checked out the place and said they’d “be happy to pass out some of our information to some of their colleagues coming in from all different places. So we gave them some stuff. But we’ve only had a handful. I’d say four total so far.”