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Craigslister: Quinn Walker, 41

Offering: Two bedrooms in his Twining home for $600 per room a night. He will remain in the house that week.

Other Current Occupants: None.

Location: Close to the intersection of 29th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast.

Date posted
: 11/19/2008

Responses: None.

Why: People told me “Why don’t you do it? You live so close to the Capitol,” says Walker. So he checked out what hotels were charging and decided to ask for a little bit less. “I knew people were trying to rip people off, so I said I would consider for the right person to rent out two of my bedrooms.” And who exactly is “the right person?” Walker envisions a family—-maybe the parents in one bedroom and the children in another bedroom. He wouldn’t rent the rooms out to different groups. And he wouldn’t allow a crowd of ten coeds to sleep five to a room, though perhaps a group of courteous law students or grad students would be palatable. With his new post inauguration windfall, Walker also envisions some home improvement. He bought his house three years ago after living in Shaw. There’s a concrete pond buried under some dirt in his backyard. He wants to take a jackhammer to that and bring in some new soil. If some Craigslist respondents do land on his doorstep mid-January, Walker intends to take off work and play host. “I have no problem cooking someone some breakfast or whatever,” he says.

Correction: This blog post previously stated that Mr. Walker’s house was in Hillcrest. On further examination, the house seems to be situated in the Twining neighborhood.