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The National Journal’s Lost in Transition blog has an interesting story out today about how college administrations are tamping down on students’ attempts to rent out their dorm rooms for the inauguration. With their great downtown location, George Washington University units are especially marketable. G.W. has an official Inauguration Overnight Guest Policy up on its website, making clear in bold red letters that “[students] are not permitted to sublease or rent their space per the terms of the Undergraduate Housing License Agreement.”

Insensitive! I say. You probably lure in students with opportunities to “change the world” and start down the path of dutiful civil servant-hood. Then you charge them more than any other college in the country! Then you take away their opportunity to make a quick buck! And then—-and I have this on good authority from City Paper’s resident GW expert—-you tell them they can’t drink alcohol in their rooms whenever they want!

For shame GWU administration. For shame.