Downtown Vancouver

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Battery Park in Manhattan

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m working on piece this week about the changing identity of the neighborhood between the Capitol and the Anacostia river. The Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District has been attentively working to incite growth in the area, bring in new businesses, and create a thriving riverfront community that’s reminiscent of Battery Park in lower Manhattan and the coastal area of Vancouver, according to the BID’s executive director Michael Stevens. (Both places, I’m unfamiliar with, though the above photos do indicate waterfront settings.) I wasn’t able to squeeze all of my reporting into the story. But the BID sent these occupancy numbers over late last week, so I thought I’d post them.

Data is as of October 2008
Jefferson at Capitol Yards – 448 units – 18% leased – opened in July
Axiom at Capitol Yards- 246 units – 14% leased – opened in August
Onyx Apartments – 266 units – 8% leased – opened in September
Capitol Hill Tower Co-op (existing) 344 units –75% sold and occupied
400 M Street– 90%+ leased and occupied
EYA Townhomes First Phase (delivering in 2009 and 2010) – 160 total units – all of the Market Rate homes have been sold
Velocity Capitol Riverfront (delivering in 2009) – 200 units –25% sold

Image by PoYang, Flickr Creative Commons