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As I blogged about yesterday, community leaders and developers will host a meeting to discuss the 25-acre McMillan sand filtration site tomorrow. This afternoon, I called up Aakash Thakkar, Vice President of Development at EYA (one part of the building team Vision McMillan Partners) to try to eek out a few more details about the meeting. I mean why give up your Saturday without a real promise of information?

Here’s my favorite detail from our conversation: If you miss this meeting, Thakkar says there will “likely” be another meeting sometime in January. Soooo, maybe you do want to use tomorrow morning to do some holiday shopping.

If you go, here’s what you’ll hear: “There will be a presentation of concept plans, a general development vision for the site, a general development program for the site—and a good amount of time for question and answer with the community.”

Thakkar said developers met with roughly 100 community members back in April at Trinity University to discuss the project. Attendees talked about mixed income housing, local retail, open spaces for the community, and historic preservation. There were no artistic renderings presented at that time. There will be renderings presented tomorrow. Since April, the McMillan Advisory Group—-a collection of roughly 15 people including ANC commissioners, and the presidents of local civic associations—-has met once a month to provide input to the project.

Thakkar says the reservoir, still in use, will not be altered in any way. The filtration plant site operated from 1905 until the early 1980s. The meeting will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Social Hall, Trinity University (located at 125 Michigan Avenue, NE Washington, DC 20017.)