An artistic rendering of the Southwest Waterfront redevelopment

A couple people have pondered this question, so I thought I would pull together some of that information.  Over at DCMud, Shawn Seaman, Vice President and Project Manager of PN Hoffman, says he and his team are studying masterfully developed, dynamic waterfronts around the world, especially in Scandinavia. “Oslo and Stockholm both have vibrant and well-used waterfronts,” according to Seaman. The Southwest Waterfront development “will embrace the ‘messiness’ and vitality of a real working waterfront, allowing the market, the boat traffic, and the new mixed-use development to co-exist.”  

Former Ward 2 Councilmember candidate Cary Silverman writes about whether the land resolution was a good deal for the District. He’s doubtful: “It’s an exciting project, but is giving away our most valuable property for a buck a good deal for the District? Is the agreement or even the legislation anywhere the public can access it? It’s not as if this is a superfund site that needs a massive cleanup — its the waterfront!” He also records a lengthy critical comment from Councilmember David Catania during discussion of the waterfront land deal.

Meanwhile over at developer PN Hoffman’s website, there’s an updated bullet-point list of the project’s components, plus the obligatory thank yous and acknowledgments. Here’s a summary of what’s to come:

  • Housing – approximately 770 residential units with 30% being affordable housing.
  • Cultural – a Maritime Center showcasing the region’s maritime history through a variety of educational, entertainment, and cultural exhibits
  • Hotel – Three new hotels
  • Office – Significant Class A commercial office space
  • Neighborhood amenities – neighborhood-serving retail such as a gourmet grocery, casual and upscale dining, cafes, jazz venues, shops and opportunities for local, small retailers
  • Parks – Acres of quality public parks, open space, and waterfront promenades throughout the project
  • Water-focused development – significant improvements to the existing marina and pier facilities, water taxis and public piers
  • Sustainable Design – the first LEED-Silver certified mixed-use project in the city and a LEED-ND Pilot Project
  • Significant Certified Business Enterprises (CBE) – participation in all aspects of the project, including ownership and development
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