The local ABC affiliate in Chicago has done some snooping around to learn more about Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich‘s D.C. Dupont Circle area condominium (there’s a video, if you want to see an exterior shot of the building). The property was purchased in 1997 when Blagojevich came to Washington to begin his run as a three-term congressman, which ended in 2003.  His former district’s seat is currently occupied by…dun, da,da,da!: Rahm Emanuel. 

The Washington condo:

On the third floor of the building, one bedroom now valued at more than $500,000, purchased in 1997 when Mr. Blagojevich went to serve in Congress.

In 1997, they took out a $155,000 mortgage and refinanced for $233,000 in 2005.

Throughout that time period, federal agents say Patti Blagojevich was closely involved in real estate deals with convicted land schemer Tony Rezko.

Rezko is now cooperating with U.S. prosecutors concerning possible cash kickbacks and sweetheart deals with the governor and first lady.

And a third house has become a point of contention although the governor has never lived there: the executive mansion in Springfield.

Even though the governor has never lived here, he put up his criminal defense lawyer Ed Genson in the mansion during this week’s impeachment hearings, angering some in Springfield.

Photo by Taekwonwierdo, Flickr’s Creative Commons.