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Bloomingdale might be D.C.’s most adorable crime zone. Besides the constant muggings, it has lovely sherbet-colored Victorian houses. A new purple yoga studio. And a cute little coffeeshop that neighbors rally around, and one blogger described (not positively) as “a favorite” example of gentrification in D.C. That’s Bloomingdale for ya!

I know all of this because I subscribe to a neighborhood listserv notice put together daily by resident Scott Roberts. (Plus, yes, I have been there many times.) It is perhaps the most diligently recorded and comprehensive collection of neighborhood notes that I’ve come across. And Roberts does a good job of mentioning just about everything Bloomingdale-related from ANC issues, to sales at the local convenience store, to neighbors’ pet peeves, which brings me to this upcoming comment.  If D.C. had its own version of Prairie Home Companion (which maybe it should…?), this would definitely be one of the little anecdotal bits. It appeared on Roberts’ listserv notice on Dec. 20:

“A happy note from a resident on the 100 block of T Street NW: “This is to follow up and let you know that the 100 block of T Street, NW had a lovely new speed bump installed a couple of days ago. I have enjoyed bundling up and sitting on my front porch and watching many surprised commuters coming to an abrupt halt to negotiate the new obstacle! My life expectancy just gained another few years. My thanks to you and please forward my thanks to Cassandra along with my wishes for a happy holiday!”