In early December, I wrote about St. Martin’s Convent, which ignited a preservation battle in Eckington. When I visited the structure, the basement was still being dug up. But thanks to a link from project superintendent Michael Blalock, I’m happy to post an update-in-images above.

Also, Eckington had its moment in the Washington Post sun this weekend. The author glowingly wrote about Eckington’s residents as “a mix of young professionals, government workers, artists and young families who want to live in the city and avoid commuting an hour,” who were drawn to the nieghborhood by the “diverse, friendly community.”

(Um, tell that to the people who moved a few years ago because they were so upset by the new development at the convent’s old site—-not to mention being compared to KKK members.)

I also particularly enjoyed this quote: “The thing about rowhouses—-you have to meet your neighbors.” Rowhouses! How unique! Please elaborate on that uncommon D.C. living environment.