This morning, I wrote a post about Mayor Adrian Fenty‘s 11 school site redevelopment plan. Charter advocates charge that they didn’t get proper first dibs on the buildings for their own use. Well here’s my thing: There are just so many damn schools out there. In this one area—-less than a square mile—-there are seven. And its very possible that some old, not operating schools are missing from my list.

Why should all of these sites remain schools? With so many alternatives for parents already in the neighborhood, why shouldn’t these locations be developed into housing or something else?

So I haven’t quite mastered Google Maps yet…but here’s a rundown of schools noted above:

(1) Cardozo High School: 1300 Clifton Street N.W.
(2) Garrison Elementary School: 1200 S St N.W.
(3) Garnett Patterson Middle School: 2001 10th St N.W. (Soon to be closed.)
(4) Shaw Junior High School: 925 Rhode Island Ave N.W.
(5) Meyer Elementary School: 2501 11th St N.W. (To be fair, this is slightly north of the map; but I think the edge is touching.) (Closed)
(6) Grimke Elementary School: 1925 Vermont Ave, N.W. (This one is up for redevelopment.) (Closed)
(7) Cleveland Elementary School: 1825 8th St N.W.