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Just another D.C. rowhouse, except on January 20.

Earlier this week, I wrote about people that can watch the inaugural parade from their windows—-In other words, the lucky bastards that live on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Knowing that this inauguration-obsessed period will soon be ending, I figured I might as well exploit our heady times and do a second installment about elite Jan. 20 real estate.

Today, I talked to someone with similarly fortunate dwellings. Kombiz Lavasany works in online communications for the Democratic National Committee. He lives at 404 South Capitol Street, the “3rd to closest house I can think of” to the Capitol complex, he says. He said his street wasn’t on the initial road closure list, but since has been added. What does the locale mean for Lavasany? He’s a quick jaunt from his standing room ticket to the ceremony. And he’s a short cab ride from the Washington Convention Center where he’ll be attending the Mid-Atlantic Inaugural Ball the evening of the ceremony. It also means he’s hosting ten plus house guests, everyone from people crashing on his couch—-couch, kitchen floor, storage closet, bathtub, whatever’s still open, I assume—-to people who will be storing gowns and fancy footwear at his home in the morning until evening arrives.

What it doesn’t mean, surprisingly, is hassling calls from security forces. “That’s the funny thing. No Capitol police have gotten in touch with me. I have a neighbor that works for the FBI that has done security stuff for the inauguration and he was a little surprised [our street] hadn’t been closed off initially.”