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I marvel at Michelle Obama’s taste. Sure, her own dresses and jackets are fabulous. But the first lady’s real feat is clothing herself and her daughters to perfectly compliment each other. Constantly. In basically every public appearance. Think how annoying that must be?

I’ve been noticing this for months. Whenever Michelle, Sasha and Malia step out together—-be it at a mid-summer campaign stop or one of the more recent inaugural events—-they match. On election night, they all wore red and black, with Michelle in both colors, Sasha in all black, and Malia in predominantly red. On the fourth of July, they were all wearing red, white, and/or blue. At the Democratic convention, Michelle and the girls were dressed in rich turquoises and purples—-god forbid there might be burnt sienna in that mix. I mean man, that would be hard on the eyes!

Now the first lady and her girls don’t match perfectly like creepy triplets.Today was one of their least coordinated public appearances in memory. Then again, Michelle Obama’s outfits will likely be scrutinized for centuries to come, whereas the girls’ clothing won’t. But all three ladies donned colorful coats. And like usual, they looked fabulous—-and not at all like creepy triplets.

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Renegade98, Afagen, Ava Lowery, Flickr Creative Commons