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You can imagine which way I’d want this answered. I bring it up because theNew York Times had a story out last week about how New York real estate bloggers are coping with the downturn. The article reports they’re:

(A) Being nicer: “Blogs are also becoming more tasteful. Curbed has a feature called Price Chopper that before the downturn was illustrated with a bloody ax. Now that some sellers are taking a bath, the ax has been axed.”

(B) Being just as mean…just changing with the times: One blog, for example, “is writing about how long transactions are taking.”

(C) Cutting staff, just like everyone else! “Jonathan Butler, the founder and owner of Brownstoner.com, said he laid off his sole employee in December and had gone back to writing the entire site himself. Profits have not gone down, he said, but he fears that with the economic downturn, they might.”

(D) Not freaking out at all: “Blogs, in particular, have buyers and sellers who are sharing their stories,” he said. “As more people come to their sites to read about the market, we feel like we will reach more potential buyers than ever before.”

Any suggestions people? By the way, in case you want to peruse any of these New York real estate blogs, here are some links: Propertygrunt.blogspot.com, Curbed.com, Brownstoner.com, UrbanDigs.com, TrueGotham.com.

Image by Vibrant Spirit, Flickr Creative Commons