During our inauguration blitz, I posted everything I did on my blog, so that explains the random tangents. It’s hard to outshine Sasha and Malia Obama. No multi million dollar condo building has the star power (read: google search numbers) those girls do. Ah well, maybe next week. I’m still very thankful to not be writing about inauguration rentals every other day.

(1)Inaugural Fashion: Looking at Sasha and Malia Obama Exhausts Me…

(2)That Erie Feeling

(3)Plans Unveiled for McMillan Sand Filtration Site

(4)How Much Does a Square Foot Cost in Adams Morgan, Penn Quarter, Etc.?

(5)Southwest D.C.: Bridging Troubled Waters

(6)Best Fixer-Uppers On the D.C. Auction Block Tomorrow

(7)Where’s “Capitol Quarter”?

(8)When Nothing’s Happening, Do You Drop the “Up-and-Coming” Title?

(9)Inaugural Subculture Alert! Pedicabs Descending On D.C.