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Okay, I never claimed to be a professional photographer—- nor did I snap this photo with any intention of ever publishing it. But it illustrates my point. So there it is. Through the hazy reflected images, one can spot the intersection of 12th and U Streets, an exceptional place to live in this city. Right between both U Street/Cardozo Metro entrances, around the corner from Ben’s Chili Bowl, right amongst a down payment-inspiring variety of bars and restaurants: The Saloon (awesome beer list), Dukem (Ethiopian), Marvin’s (Southern Soul Food/Belgian cuisine), Solly’s (Okay, karaoke and rail drinks—but priced right. Crucial.)

Anyway this week’s column, which I’ll be posting tomorrow, is about the building from which that view can be happily gazed upon. It’s called Moderno. It has 19 units, the majority of which are under contract already. Thus far, the only real advertising is the sign on the side of the building, which went up in early January. It faces U Street and it’s humongous. So of course that helps. But for those who figured With this market, I’ll let those babies sit. Wait a few months, let the prices lower a notch or two. Then, I’ll mosey on in there and check it out, well your options are already quite limited. But Moderno’s opening up soon. So here’s a rundown of when you’ll be able to get in.

Feb. 7: On weekends, sales manager Timur Loynab has been touring prospective buyers through the building. He’s usually devoted his Saturdays to Moderno.

Feb. 10: Opening event for local brokers.

Feb. 14-15: First open houses for the public.

Feb. 24: First units scheduled to be completed.

Late February: Invite-only party for developers, prospective buyers, etc.