In case you haven’t clicked your way over to Loose Lips this week, allow me to expound what you’ve missed.

In this week’s column, Mike “LL” DeBonis takes a look at donations to Adrian Fenty‘s re-election campaign.

In three months, Fenty has reeled in $2.04 million. Leading the We-Love-the-Mayor fan club are developers and builders. In total, they donated 43.7 percent—-$891,612—-of Fenty’s total intake.

Naturally, some familiar names are on the donation list.

  • Back in November, I wrote about Armond Spikell‘s Roadside Development LLC, which, one day, will be breaking ground on a mixed-use project in Shaw at the current site of the Giant at 7th and O Streets. Here’s what Loose Lips picked up about Spikell and his partners:
  • “Like a lot of developers, Roadside has a bunch of projects, each with a separate corporation set up. The firm itself was good for $2K, as were principals Richard Lake, Armond Spikell, and Todd Weiss. But add in max donations from Burke Roadside LLC, O Street Roadside LLC, and Clarksville Roadside LLC, and you’ve nearly doubled down, from $8,000 to $14,000.”
  • But absolutely the most amazing tale is about Franklin L. Haney. Haney’s companyis leading a team of developers interested in transforming the “Hill East Waterfront” on the far eastern edge of Capitol Hill. Despite campaign election rules—-limit: $2,000 per person—-he found a way to drop $28,000 in Fenty’s coffers.
  • “First off, Haney tossed in a $2,000 donation from Chattanooga, Tenn., where from the same address he donated $8,000 from four different corporate entities. But that’s just a warmup: Haney has five kids. There’s Emeline Michelle Maddux ($2,000) of McLean, who’s married to Victor Maddux ($2,000). Mae Grennan ($2,000) lives in Spring Valley with husband Anderson Grennan ($2,000). Margaret Haney ($2,000), of Georgetown, is married to Chris Ferguson ($2,000), and her sister Mary Alice Haney ($2,000) is a movie producer way out in Pacific Palisades, Calif., married to Graham Larson ($2,000). The only Haney sibling, in fact, who didn’t donate, was Frank Haney Jr. But his wife, Katelin Dial ($2,000), did.”

Image by David D. Muir, Flickr Creative Commons