A few months ago, I blogged about Royal Blue, a new restaurant supposedly coming to Columbia Heights, occupying one of several long-boarded up, brand new storefronts in the neighborhood.

At that time, I had good news to report: ”I guess they had some issues with their build out,” John Groth, Marketing Director for Donatelli Development, told me. But he had reassuring words: “I’ve been in there recently and talked to the construction guys and they’re very, very far along…I would be shocked if it wasn’t ready in terms of the build-out to be opened in the next couple of months.”

Well, things have taken a turn for the worst. Royal Blue is no longer—-not that it ever was really.

The latest report from Groth (via e-mail): “Royal Blue, as a pure startup, wasn’t able to get all their funding together. The space is open to lease and at the moment we have two more veteran restaurants looking at the space. We hope to announce something soon.”

Prince of Petworth posted some other information about Columbia Heights’ openings/non-openings yesterday, as well.