Love Moderno condo project on 12th Street NW, Paul Robertson, Robb LaKritz, Joshua Adler

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U Street’s Moderno is certainly new—-But is it the best?

As I wrote earlier, our “Best of D.C.” issue is coming soon. On that note, let’s talk “Best New Condo Building.” We had a similar category—-“Best-Designed Residential Development,” won by City Vista—-last year in our Reader’s Poll. But nothing written by one of our writers. And nothing quite like what I’m proposing.

(At least, I don’t think so—-last year’s issue was pretty sprawling. Hard to remember just exactly what we had in there.)

So who gets to be considered for “Best New Condo Building?” Any building with units on the market in the last year.

And what qualifies as “Best?” That’s the tricky question. Is the winning property the best designed? The best bang for your buck? The best in terms of convenience and quality of life? I would say all those things matter. The “Best” is rather intangible. You just choose something that fits.

I’ve heard a few suggestions already.

The Viya was mentioned for its “great layouts”;“The Ventura” for everything being “top of the line”; And lastly, the Axis Condos for their beautiful design elements.