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 2153 California St. NW

Kevin Rennie, a columnist with the Hartford Courant, reported this week on some shady dealings between Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd and Edward R. Downe, a man convicted of tax and securities fraud in the 1990s.

The two men have been friends for a while—-Back in 2001, Dodd even helped Downe get a presidential pardon under Clinton. 

That’s old news. What’s new concerns this building: 2153 California St. NW, just off Connecticut Avenue in Kalorama.

Dodd and Downe owned a condo together here from 1986 through the next three and a half years. So Dodd got a presidential pardon for, essentially, his roommate—-though it is hard to know who actually was using the place. And something else to consider: “When Dodd owned a condominium with Downe in the 1980s, while Downe was carrying on his illegal stock scheme, no details of their arrangement were in the deed or mortgage filings. Who paid which expenses associated with owning the condominium didn’t fall into the public’s view,” according to Rennie.

Check out the deed here, by the way.