Cave People Can Stay in Cave House” has got to be one of my favorite headlines of all time. And, even better, it’s true: There are real cave people, and they genuinely live in a cave house.  And maybe, just maybe, they’ll be able to continue living in said cave dwelling.

If you haven’t been following this strange tale, then I will catch you up: A Missouri family bought a cave and built a home inside of it. But with a large loan payment looming, and the family’s finances in trouble, they decided to put the house on Ebay…and do a lot of press sharing their tale.

Now, apparently, a “New Jersey-based business offered a 15-year loan with a low interest rate that should allow the family to keep their home,” according to an Associated Press story.

Gloriously, this is owner Curt Sleeper‘s response:

“We’re excited about it.” To celebrate: “We’re throwing a party at a friend’s cave,” he said.