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Back in October, I made a trip to 3303 Water Street in Georgetown. I went for no particular reason besides the fact that people wouldn’t shut up about it.

You see, contrary to Georgetown’s glorious and not-so-glorious but always high-priced townhouses to the north, the neighborhood waterfront area doesn’t have a solid selection of classy condos. Most of the buildings are heavy, bland, brick complexes referencing  some industrial or old-timey thing—-i.e. the Paper Mill Court, the Canal House, and the Flour Mill Condominiums.

Then came 3303 Water Street in 2004. It overlooks the Whitehurst Freeway and a Pepco Substation. But developer Anthony Lanier covered that ugly roof right up with some plants, and constructed a “stunning” and “wonderful” building, according to one agent I talked to months ago, with colossal windows and a calm, quiet environment inside, despite the zooming cars outside.

It was good enough for Fox News anchor Brett Baier. And now apparently, Obama Social Secretary Desiree Rogers and Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett have decided it’ll do for them too.

Public records confirm both women have been living in the building since January 2009. Both Chicagoans and longtime pals, Rogers hosted Jarrett’s 52nd birthday party this past November. (As the New York Times reports: “Special touches: orchids and yellow cake with chocolate icing.”)

In short: For two classy and private ladies, this building seems like an unsurprising selection.