We learned roughly a month ago that D.C. United would not be moving to Poplar Point, that Ward 8 would not be getting the mixed-use oasis it had been clawing for, and that Marion Barry would not be very happy with the mayor about the whole thing. 

The District was out. P.G. County was in, having offered to craft an agreement D.C. United owners could better stomach.  

Today, the Washington Post has news about just where the stadium will likely go. Officials are eyeing a spot in Landover, near the Morgan Boulevard Station. Yeah, I didn’t know where that was either—-turns out, it’s the second to last eastern stop on the blue line.

So here (see the A):

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Here’s a close-up version:

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According to the Post’s story, the county is now working out a deal for Metro to sell land around the station to D.C. United.

[Prince George’s County Executive Jack B. Johnson‘s] letter did not propose a purchase price, and in an interview he provided no details about how a sale might work. But he said the team, the county and the commission all believe a stadium at the centrally located Metro station could drive economic development that would benefit the county.

…D.C. United President Kevin Payne said yesterday that team leaders believe the Morgan Boulevard Metro land would be the ideal location for the stadium. Besides offering direct access to Metro’s Blue Line, the site is close to the Capital Beltway and adjacent to FedEx Field, where drivers could possibly park for soccer games.