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Back in October, The American Planning Association named Union Station one of its 2008 “Great Places in America” and Mayor Adrian Fenty, and City Planner Harriet Tregoning took some time out of their day to make speeches at a little ceremony

I found the entire thing to be pretty silly. I mean: Yes, Union Station’s wonderful. But it opened over a century ago. Why did the mayor deserve any credit for its grandeur? 

I put this question to Office of Planning and Economic Development spokesperson Sean Madigan. He, in turn, responded with some words about how Union Station was constantly evolving and had emerged from a terrible, worn-down state in the 1980s to its current glory.  Oh also: There was a new bike rack coming! 

That was major update on the way. The city had “hoped” to complete the rack by 2008. Now, the end date’s for Spring 2009. Here’s an update from the D.C. Examiner about the entire project:

 “Construction has begun on a 1,700-square-foot bicycle transit center at Union Station in Washington, DC.  The station will hold approximately 150 bikes on 2-tier racks and will also offer bicycle rentals and repairs.  Although the station will not have showers or bathrooms, it will include a changing room and lockers that will be available for members.  Membership will cost approximately $1 per day or $100 for ayear. Government officials expect revenue from rentals and repairs will offset the cost of the $3 million dollar structure.”