…I’ll just cut to the chase: Not Oprah.

Gregory and Nancy Ledford are the purchasers, according to selling agent Christopher Ritzert.

Mr. Ledford is a Managing Director at the Carlyle Group, working on “U.S. buyout opportunities in the automotive, transportation and logistics sectors,” according to his company bio. The couple previously lived in the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton, and decided to upgrade from unit 2B, which they purchased in 2007, to their new Penthouse with 3,100 square feet of terrace space, 4,400 of interior space, four bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms.

But here’s what’s particularly interesting about this record-breaker: It’s not the biggest unit in the building. It’s not even the second biggest. There are two other condos with roughly 6,000 square feet. The $7.295 stunner, however, was the first penthouse to re-sell, says Ritzert, who handled the original round of sales and has since done most of the building’s re-sales.

So, look for future record-breakers in the building.

But back to Oprah. “In case she’s reading your blog, I do have the perfect place for her,” says Ritzert. “Yeah, I have others available.” Then, he forwarded me along a link for Penthouse 1E, listing price: $5.395 million. Ah well, no new record-breaker this time.