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This week, a real estate milestone quietly passed us by. The Evermay Estate, which went on the market last fall for a record-breaking $49 million, reached its six month mark with no buyer.

Oh sure, the listing didn’t officially hit the MLS until a bit later. But by late September 2008, we knew this colossal estate was going to be some billionaire’s for the taking (hopefully a celebrity…But most likely some boring, crazy rich Chinese, Indian, or Middle-Eastern oil-wealthy businessman.)

Since then, the world’s financial markets have spiraled out of control, and even the sheer number of billionaires has shrunk significantly. So where does that leave Evermay? Still priced at $49 million with a fancy, incredibly wordy website.

The Halcyon House, however, has decided to drop its price. BIG. TIME. When this Prospect Street five-bedroom, nine-bathroom property listed in August, it was a record-breaker at $30 million until Evermay soon along. But according to the MLS system, Halycon decided to drop down to $19.5 million as of yesterday.

Perhaps the widow of the late TV producer Aaron Spelling should take notice.  She just put their home on the market for $150 million, “making it by far the most expensive home for sale in the U.S.,” according to Associated Press.