(Already existing) rowhouses in LeDroit Park. Was Howard U. seriously going to build “New Homes” there?

On Friday, DCmud posted an item about the “New Homes at Historic LeDroit Park.” The development is apparently dead. But in writing its update, DCmud made an interesting discovery: Few things about the project ever made any sense.

A sign (see large image here) at the corner of Oakdale and 5th Street lists a variety of involved co-sponsors and companies with some stake in construction.

One was Sorg and Associates, an architecture firm. According to the post, the group had never heard of the project.

Another was Howard President H. Patrick Swygert—-he left the school last year.

And yet another wasRiggs Bank, which merged with PNC Financial Services Group, oh let’s see now: four years ago.

So what the hell was going on here?

Did Howard University just put up a sign so neighbors wouldn’t pester them about redeveloping the parcel? Are there any other Howard U. signs around the area listing Riggs Bank as a co-sponsor?  Seriously, if any LeDroit Parkers ever heard about this project in any meetings, or knew any other details, I would be curious to know them.

Image by NCinDC